Our most asked questions, answered for you below.

How is it different?
It's not, but you'll just have to taste and see
Why frozen & vacuum packed?
It allows us to make BBQ portable and warm it up in boiling water. Take the BBQ to your experience, whether that's camping, a beach trip, hiking or sports practice. 
Is frozen better than fresh out of the smoker?
Our frozen BBQ is just as good as fresh out of the smoker BBQ. We've refined our process to preserve the flavor, moisture in our freezing & reheating process. Feel free to challenge this by ordering online and trying it yourself.
Are any of your sides frozen?
At this time, they are not. We are doing some research and development to see which sides would freeze well and still have the same great taste after being thawed or reheated.
I have Celiac, do you have any options for someone like me?
We are committed to being gluten and nut free. Therefore, all of our meats and side are gluten & nut free. We have options for those with Vegetarian, Vegan, and other allergen-free diets. If there's a need for further discussion or more details on your food allergens, please contact us via our contact form. We'd be happy to help understand and offer options.
Do you offer gift cards?
We currently do not offer gift cards, but are working on making this an available option soon.
Do you cater?
Catering is available, please visit our "Gather With BBQ" page to see the current catering menu or contact us directly through our contact form or via email catering@itsdifferentbbq.com.
How do I reheat your BBQ?
Please visit our "Reheating Instructions" page to see the various ways you can reheat our BBQ. You can choose from three different methods to reheat at your convenience.
Are you currently hiring?
We are currently a startup, family business with the hopes of being able to hire in the near future.