Reheating Instructions

Reheating our BBQ is a breeze! Simply boil water for tender, delicious BBQ. No need to lug heavy gear for tailgates—preheat before you leave! Take it on-the-go for camping, beach trips, hiking, and more. Enjoy BBQ convenience wherever you wander!


Reheating Instructions



  • Large Pot
  • Tongs (x2)
  • Scissors
  1. Fill a pot of water with enough water to submerge the package
  2. Bring the pot of water to a rolling boil
  3. Turn your heat down to a low or low-medium heat
  4. Place the unopened package into the water
  5. Wait 30-40 min (depending on the thickness of your package)Turn off your heat and using tongs, pull your package out of the pot
  6. Cut open the package and slide the BBQ onto your serving plate - be sure to drizzle any remaining juices onto your BBQ



  • Oven Mittens
  • Aluminum Foil & Aluminum Pan
  • Tongs (x2)
  • Plastic Food Wrap
  • Scissors
  1. Preheat oven to 350 F
  2. With a large aluminum baking pan, place your unopened, vacuum-packed protein into it. If ribs, place meat side down
  3. Using hot water from the faucet or warmed water, fill up as much of the baking pan with water to cover the bag. It’s not imperative to submerge everything. To keep the bags from melting. It is advised to not expose them to the air. Note: you may use boiled water to avoid the initial 1 Hour heatup
  4. Once the pan is filled, cover the top completely with plastic food wrap. Most plastic wrap will not span the full width of the tray, so work on one half and then the other half to cover
  5. Cover the plastic wrap and with aluminum foil, being sure to curl and tuck in the aluminum around the edges of the pan to protect the plastic from melting in the over.
  6. Place the baking pan into the over. Leave for 1.5-3 hours; ribs will warm up faster than other proteins due to their lack of thickness. Pork butt and brisket will take longest (2-2.5 hours)
  7. WARNING: Steam has built up within the baking pan

    After the allotted time, use oven mittens/heat protection gloves to gently slide the entire oven grate forward to have enough access to the baking pan. Do not over extend or  the grate will fall out. Using a set (2) of long tongs, undo one of the corners of the aluminum and plastic to allow for steam to exit. 
  8. After the steam has escaped, using the tongs, pull back the plastic food wrap and aluminum foil and grab your protein out from the baking pan.
  9. Cut open the package and slide the BBQ onto your serving plate - be sure to drizzle any remaining juices onto your BBQ


  • Crockpot
  • Tongs or Oven Mittens
  • Scissors


  1. Place the vacuum-packed meat into your crockpot
  2. Fill the crockpot with water until the meat is fully covered
  3. Select the low setting and cover for at least 8 hours. If you use the high setting, check for "hotness" after 4 hours.
  4. Take the crockpot lid off and using tongs, pull out your protein
  5. Cut open the package and slide the BBQ onto your serving plate - be sure to drizzle any remaining juices onto your BBQ


Is It Ready?

What to look & feel for when checking for "hotness"?




You are looking for the pliability of the ribs and if it freely bends. If the ribs are still resistant, then they’re not warm enough and allow for it to keep going in the water.

Pressing firmly where it is the thickest, the meats should easily break apart. If it is still firm, then continue warming in the water. You are primarily feeling and pressing firmly in the center where the meat is thickest. If it feels firm, then it is still frozen, allow it to stay in the hot water longer. If it feels spongy, then it is ready.



  • To experience the maximum amount of juiciness in our BBQ, cut open the BBQ package(s) and serve right before you eat. Opening the package(s) too early will dry out the BBQ.
  • If you've finished warming up the BBQ, but are not quite ready to eat, keep the BBQ in the pot or pan that you've warmed the BBQ in until you're ready to serve. Be sure to turn down the heat source to a low or warm setting.
  • Taking the BBQ to a tailgate or outdoor party where you're not going to eat right away? Follow the warm up instructions and once the meats are warmed up, place two kitchen towels in a heat safe cooler (Yeti & Igloo coolers have worked for us). Carefully pour some of the hot water into the cooler over the kitchen towels to allow them to absorb the hot water and to barely submerge them. Place your hot and unopened BBQ package(s) into a disposable baking pan and cover them with aluminum foil. Place the baking pan into the cooler, on top of the kitchen towels. Close your cooler tightly and you're ready to transport your delicious BBQ to your party!