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These cut-with-a-plastic fork slices of brisket will turn any "I'm not a fan of brisket" to a "WOW! I'm a believer!". Slightly exaggerating, but these are cooked fully and thoroughly to provide a tender and salty bite. The layer of fat on the lean will hold huge tastes of pepper, salt, and garlic. The fattier, decadent point slices are a fan favorite with the rendered inter-muscular fat and juiciness with each bite.

Each one-pound (+/- 0.2 lbs) package will be divided up by leanness and fattiness.  Feeds two adults or four if you have light eaters and more sides to accompany.

Whole brisket is available. The tricky part is that most finished briskets from suppliers are averaging 4-5 pounds of finish weight. To make a whole brisket worth the money for you, it is incumbent upon me to provide you with at least seven pounds of brisket to make your money's worth. 

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