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Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork

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The It's Different BBQ Co. pulled pork is consistently the highest-demand product because of its flexibility in usage. Notes of sweetness and herbs tickle your taste buds but what surprises most people is how juicy it is. Opening this will fill the entire room with aromas of smokiness and get everyone gathering into the kitchen before you're ready to serve.

Serve it plain as typical pulled pork or in a sandwich, slider, or taco. Dress it up with green onions and cilantro. Turn it into an Asian dish topping on your instant (or not-so-instant) ramen or season it up to a Laos-style larb with all the accouterments needed. The options are endless, bound by one's own creativity!

We've dropped our Traditional season in favor of our It's Different BBQ flavor. Please note that whole pork butt is unpulled.

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